Window Blinds are dust-magnets. Stop stressing about blind cleaning and let us take care of it.

Window blinds collect dusts very easily. We understand it is a big stress and it is quite an annoying job to clean each section of the blinds. Home Spritz offers window blinds cleaning services to ease your concerns. You can simply add the blinds cleaning into your regular booking. Now you can sit and enjoy.

Window cleaning is another big chore for seasonal cleaning. We know many people try to set aside a weekend to do the window cleaning throughout the house. However, Home Spritz recommends you to spend the weekend to go have fun with your family and friends, rather than cleaning windows. Home Spritz can help to keep your windows clean.

Blinds/Window Cleaning Services

Home Spritz offers windows blinds and window cleaning services shine your place. You don’t need to wait for the seasonal or quarterly cleaning to clean your windows and blinds. That is because waiting and tolerating the dusts will simply add stress on your house care. Therefore, you can have your regular cleaning done for your blinds and windows, so your family can enjoy looking out the window all year around.

When do you need window blinds and window cleaning?

Are window/blinds cleaning seasonal jobs? That is not true. As you have experienced yourself, windows and window blinds are dust-magnets. The windows and window blinds attract any floating dusts in the air and get dusty very quickly. Unlike the outside of the windows, these dusts inside come back to us whenever we try to open or close the blinds, someone try to look out the windows, kids or pets touch the windows. Most importantly, these dusts and dirt directly affect your and your family’s health. Therefore, we recommend you to keep your windows and blinds clean on a regular basis.

Window Blinds Cleaning Services

Home Sprits offers window blinds cleaning services. You can simply add this service for just $15 onto your regular booking request. Please note that window blinds cleaning would need additional 30mins to 1.5 hours cleaning time depending on the house size and the number of windows. Therefore, please take this under your consideration when deciding on your booking time.

Cleaning and the care needs are different depending on the types and the materials of your window blinds. Please feel free to communicate the information and your special requests with our professional cleaners. Here is a brief information on how Home Spritz takes care of your window blinds.

Hard material window blinds

Hard material windows blinds would include venetian or vertical blinds made of wood, faux wood, plastic, or metal. These blinds need to be thoroughly dusted and wiped with a damp cloth. It is helpful to use mild soap and water to clean metal or plastic blinds to remove any old dirt and dust. You can do the same for wood blinds, however it is very important to dry any water with a dry cloth. This is because the water residue can cause damaging to your blinds. Similarly, we do not recommend using any type of harsh cleaners to clean your blinds. Harsh cleaners could damage the paint or finish of the blinds.

Soft material window blinds

The examples of soft material window blinds are panel blinds, pleated shades, cellular shades, roller shades, and tie-up shades made of paper or fabrics. It is best to thoroughly dust through your blinds to clean them. However, it is not recommended to use water as it could damage the blinds. Cleaners would only use water with mild soap to spot clean any stain or dirt. When spot cleaning paper or fabric blinds, it is important not to use hot water as it could cause damage to the blinds.

Window Cleaning Services

Home Spritz offers window cleaning services for only $15 onto your regular booking request. Please note that window cleaning only includes the interior side of the windows. Home Spritz cleaners are not equipped to clean outside of your windows. If you are hoping to have your outside windows cleaned, please consult with specialized window cleaning companies. Home Spritz window cleaning includes all the windows requested and the glass patio doors.

Window cleaning would need additional 30mins to 1.5 hours cleaning time depending on the house size and the number of the windows. Therefore, please take this into consideration when deciding on your booking time.