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Home Spritz has the best house cleaners in Halifax to manage our clients house cleaning. Our cleaners love to take care of your house as if it was their own. Our house cleaning services improve your daily life and clean your home from top to bottom. Removing the daily stress that comes along with kids, work, and relaxation time. We know it is important that you choose the cleaner, time, and price that fits your needs. We are ecstatic to bring happiness into your home with our Halifax house cleaning.

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No need to wait for a quote… our prices range from $23 – $30/hour.

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“Wonderful results. Great to come home to a super clean house!” – Anthony

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Search your postal code, choose a maid and book in just 3 minutes!

The process of bringing happiness into your house…

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Home Spritz helps you find the best house cleaning in Halifax. Our cleaners are selected based on very high criteria and only 2-3% are accepted. Home Spritz cleaners can not wait to help bring happy into your home. The best part of our thorough cleaning service is our satisfaction guarantee and having a consistent cleaner every week. We know  communicating to a cleaner on how you want your house cleaned is frustrating if it is every week. we focus on keeping the same cleaner with you. We also allow you to chat directly with the cleaner before they arrive to set expectations and discuss any specifics about your house or family or pets. A regular cleaner allows you to build a relationship and have open communication about your level of standards and areas that are missed. It gives you the ability to talk and to ensure they are covered the next cleaning. Every house is different as is every customer and our cleaners want to show you that know too.

Home Spritz is one of the best maid services and house cleaning services and focuses on satisfaction and finding the best and most experienced cleaners for your house. 

Our prices are competitive and cleaners are excellent, please book online today.

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Prices Supporting Calgarians

Home Spritz supports a living wage for our employees and contractors. We know it is important to support the people in a community in order to create a vibrant, happy, and healthy place for guests to visit. Support a company that supports those that live with you. In Alberta, we see a living wage as above $20 per hour, find out more here at Living Wage Canada.



Home Spritz gives customers the following reassurances as we know choosing a new cleaner and cleaning company isn’t an easy task. We focus on experience, trust and reliability.

Trust and Security Guarantee

Customer Safety First

All our cleaners are thoroughly evaluated, undergoing an identity check, evaluations, training and interviews.

We Do Not Settle

Good enough does not cut it for us we look for the best. Home Spritz skilled professional cleaners, during your house cleaning, leave no stone unturned in to keep you a satisfied customer.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If our cleaning is complete and you aren’t satisfied, we will send a cleaner back to make sure you are 100% satisfied. Our maid service is excellent and we stand behind out cleaning services.

House Cleaning


Book Online and you Choose

We offer an simple and easy approach to booking a home cleaning. Our customers can choose their preferred cleaner and price on our website. Home Spritz offers a variety of cleaners, all extremely committed to providing the best cleaning services in Halifax. They can set up a one time cleaning, monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or move in or move out.

Communicate with your House Cleaner

After you choose your cleaner, you can have an online conversation with your cleaner. This provides you with the opportunity get to know your cleaner before this at-home service happens. It is the perfect way for you to communicate any requirements or questions that you may have prior to the cleaning date and allows the cleaner to come fully prepared.

We Clean

When your cleaning is booked, a trusted professional cleaner is sent to the your address. They deliver our high quality, with the option of a do-over if you is unsatisfied with the results.

Kick Back and Relax with Our Maid Services

You do not need to support the cleaning or even be home if you don’t want. Let our cleaning personnel do all the work and deliver your home back to the happy state your remember it so you can relax.


I recently moved to my home in Calgary city and needed to do the new home deep clean, but being busy with work I just couldn’t make time out of my busy schedule. I’m not so big on having cleaning companies do my cleaning because of the dissatisfying result I always get, a family friend recommended a cleaning company in Calgary , Home Spritz. They did an excellent job and I had that satisfying result I have never had. I’d like to say a huge thank you to Home Spritz and would highly recommend their service.

-Allie R.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank the staff at Home Spritz. I was planning a birthday surprise for my mother and wanted the house sparkling clean for the friends and family I would be inviting. I called their amiable customer service and was quickly able to book their services online. Their member of staff was friendly, and all I had to do was leave the key with her. I was notified when the job was done and came home to find my house looking squeaky clean.

-Josh Brown

I would rate the Home Spritz maid service a 10 out of 10. My family was moving out of our former apartment and needed some move-out cleaning done. We made contact, we got a quote for the service and in a few simple steps made a booking. They were open to our suggestions and they made our move out of the house easy, seamless and fun! Thank you, Home Spritz, for an amazing job!

– Wyatt P.


Home Spritz cleaners set their own price ranging from above a living wage to quite high depending on their experience and expertise. Customers are able to choose the cleaner that they see best fit, along with the price that matches their budget. We believe in providing both cleaners and customers the flexibility to choose their prices based on the value of the cleaning service. We work with the top down method starting up high and finishing with the floors. You can expect your cleaning to consist of vacuuming in main rooms and tough-to-get spots, mopping floors, dusting in all areas, and scrubbing and wiping all areas of your bathroom. We also offer oven cleaning, wall washing, laundry, move in/out, deep clean, window glass and blinds cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, and watering plants at additional costs. Home Spritz is committed to providing cleaning services prices that are affordable for customers, and livable for cleaners. Try our Halifax house cleaning today!.