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Home Spritz Pricing

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Please realize not all house are the same and house cleaning prices do vary depending on your needs. Please get in touch if you need a more specific quote.

Move in and Move out cleanings should be adjusted by 1 to 2 hours per house size increase.

Our House Cleaning Prices

Price, one factor you decide on when choosing a cleaner, besides trust, quality and reviews. We find that hourly house cleaning prices depend on many factors including the size of the cleaning team, reviews, areas covered, and other services requested. At Home Spritz our cleaning works alone and sets their rate at a minimum of $20/hour and a service fee of 10%, $22 per hour plus GST. Our average cost is about $30/hour for an experienced cleaner with great reviews and excellent skills. Many other cleaning companies offer a cleaning team to come to your house and charge anywhere from $50 to 100/hour depending on the size of the team. It is important to compare the total cost of cleaning for a house and the quality once completed. Most importantly, Home Spritz you are able to view all the available cleaners in your area and choose a house cleaning price that fits your budget. You are able to keep the same cleaner to build trust, cleaning preferences, and reliability.

Therefore, we do have some recommended hours and these can be adjusted based on what you need done at your house.

Cleaning Prices include a Living Wage

All our cleaning prices include a living wage to our cleaners to ensure that the community where you live is growing and thriving along with your family and house. We are happy to support the local community and see that the best cleaners are able to support their families, children and live a happy life.

Cleaning Service Cost

The prices that our cleaner offer include vacuuming and mopping floors, general dusting for all the surfaces, making beds (linen changes if requested), cleaning and sanitizing kitchen countertops, emptying garbage, cleaning the bathroom (tub, shower, sink, and toilet). The cleaning service cost is a base and extras can be added on. Similarly, our cleaners expect you to provide the cleaning supplies unless you would like to recommend, they bring their own for a surcharge of $10 per cleaning which covers usage of mop, vacuum, cleaning products, and microfiber clothes. Always feel free to request green cleaning products from our cleaners and ensure you communicate your needs. Nothing helps a cleaner get a great review and you get a great cleaning than communicating your cleaning needs prior to the cleaner arriving. This will help your cleaning service cost go the furthest.

Cheap Cleaning Services

Home Spritz is always will to work with customers and talk with our cleaners to find the cleaning that you need. If you are looking for cheap regular cleaning services please reach out directly in the contact form with your requirements. We are happy to help support your specific needs and find a cleaner that fits those needs. Cheap cleaning services usually start at our lowest rate of $20/hour and can really accomplish a lot. As Home Spritz puts a lot of focus on the relationship between cleaners and customers, we find that the cleanings can we really focused down on the amount of time they take and this can help you get a lower cost with less hours. Our cleaners are open about how long your house takes and work with you to not waste time on areas that are not important to you, or doing those areas less frequently. The communication between cleaners and yourself really can make Home Spritz a cheap cleaning service even though it may look more on paper, it is less when they are in your home because it is done right the way you want the first time. House Cleaning Prices that make sense.