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We take almost all our reservations online. To book your cleaning click here, you need to search your postal code to find available cleaners in your area and select the best cleaner. Choose your date, times, and services on each cleaner’s booking page. Submit your payment details and your cleaner will accept shortly after. The payment information is only for pre-authorization and you will not be charged until your cleaning is successfully completed.  

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We recommend adding 1 hour extra if it has been a long time since your last cleaning or is your first time.

There is a minimum booking time of 3 hours minimum to ensure the quality of the cleaning. Please check out your favorite cleaner’s booking page for more information.

Yes, you can as long as that cleaner has availability. If the cleaning is requested for the time within 24 hours, there is an additional $50 charge.

You can book your cleaning for specific date and time of your choice. Each booking page allows you to choose your booking date and time for your cleaning. Each cleaner has different availability, so please check which cleaner is available. If you need an assistance, you can contact us at or at 587-830-2012.

We only accept credit card and debit card through online payment at this time. Any cash payments will void any guarantees through Home Spritz. All payment information would be processed securely through a third security company in order to protect your personal information. So no one from Home Spritz would have any access to your credit card information when you enter it to pay.

Book a Cleaning

If you aren’t happy with your cleaning you can either discuss it with your cleaner or you can contact us at 587-830-2012 or within 24 hours of the cleaning. Home Spritz guarantees 100% satisfaction. We will connect with you shortly to discuss any issue. This only applies if we didn’t request additional time to complete your cleaning as our quotes are based on hourly and depends on the quality of a house.

Please allow 3-4 hours for your cleaner to respond to your request or messages as your cleaner might be attending another cleaning at the moment. If you still do not hear back from your cleaner after 6 hours or more, please contact us at or at 587-830-2012.

Did something come up and you can no longer have the cleaning on the scheduled date? Don’t worry. Please contact us as soon as possible at 587-830-2012 or at to change your schedule.

Yes, you can cancel your cleaning if it is before 24 hours of your scheduled time. You will be charged the full rate for a cleaning if the request is within 24 hours of your cleaning.

If you have any issues with either the schedule or a cleaner, please contact us, so we can accommodate to resolve your issue and reschedule your cleaning. Please contact us at 587-830-2012 or at

If there is damage at your home due to a cleaning, please contact us within 24 hours at 587-830-2012 or at We will start the investigation immediately to resolve the issue for you. Please photograph any damage.

Good to Know

Yes, we believe the relationship between you and your cleaner should continually improve your house cleaning quality and that dialogue between the two of you will improve future cleanings. This consistency helps to the cleaner to understand your house better and to lessen the safety concerns as you know who is coming into your house. Although you do have the choice to change cleaners at any time, we encourage you to work with the same cleaner and request improvements with each cleaning.

Yes, you can request a new cleaner at any time. Please check out other cleaners in your area by searching your postal code and request booking with another cleaner of your choice.

Yes, all Home Spritz cleaners are verified with their criminal record check, photo ID, and photo for identifying them when they are at your house. All our cleaners have successfully completed training with Home Spritz.

A standard cleaning includes vacuuming the floors and carpets, mopping the floors, cleaning the sinks, toilets, showers, and counters in the bathroom and kitchen, dusting shelves, and small organising. You are also welcome to discuss other areas to be cleaned if they can fit within your scheduled time limit.

Cleaning supplies aren’t included by default. This ensures your cleaner uses the products you like and there isn’t any cross-contamination from house to house. You can simply put out your favorite supplies for the cleaners to use. However, if you don’t have supplies or if you wish the cleaners to bring the supplies, you can simply add the request to your booking. Our cleaning will bring them for an additional charge of $10 per visit. You can opt-in to this option when booking your cleaning.

If you are not asking the cleaner to bring their own supplies, you should have the following on hand: vacuum, mop, toilet brush, toilet bowl cleaner, bathroom spray, glass cleaner, microfibre cloths, paper towels and/or cleaning rags, granite/marble cleaner (for stone surfaces, if applicable), multi-surface cleaner(spray), scrub sponges, SOS pads or steel wool, kitchen de-greaser, stainless steel cleaner for appliances, glass top stove cleaner.

No they don’t. You choose the amount of time that your house is cleaned. We recommend 3 hours for houses under 1300 sq. ft. and 5 hours for homes over 2300 sq.ft for a thorough cleaning. Please see our House Pricing guide for more information. We recommend adding 1 hour extra if it has been a long time since your last cleaning or is your first time.

There is a built in messaging system once you choose a cleaner and book your cleaning. This allows you to have direct communication with your cleaner. You can discuss any specifics about your house, where cleaning supplies are, special instruction on your pets, and anything else you think they need to know. You can click on My Cleanings, then click on your upcoming cleaning, at the bottom of the details is a chat area.

Yes, you can. You can add extra tasks such as laundry, oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, window cleaning, wall washing, or move in/out cleaning through when booking. Those additions are available on each cleaner’s booking page and they may require additional cost. If there are any other special requests regarding care instructions for specific areas of your house or your pet, you can communicate directly with your cleaner after booking.

Yes, you can add the request to your booking. There will be an additional cost for this request. You can simply add “oven cleaning” on the booking page. It also requires you to follow your manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning the oven. You can directly discuss the condition of your oven and any care instructions with the cleaner.

Yes. You can simply add the request to your booking. This request will have an additional cost. Laundry requires more time due to the time it takes for your washer and the dryer, so please ensure you request additional time if needed. Please communicate directly with your cleaner regarding any specific care instructions for washing and drying your clothes.

It is your choice if you would like to be home when the cleaner comes or not be home. If you are not home we do require you to provide access to your house for the cleaner. You can provide the instruction in your profile or via direct messaging page. All private information will be protected securely.

You can choose your preferred way for your cleaning to access your home and please communicate directly with your cleaner. Some recommended methods are using an external lock box (for key lock system) or having a guest pin number (for pin pad system). You can also have someone at home to let the cleaner in.

There will be one cleaner coming to your house and it will be the cleaner you chose and requested your booking with. You will know who is coming into your house. For longer cleanings will are happy to assign two cleaners.

We typically use the cleaning products you provide, but if you request a cleaner to bring their own products you can make a request to bring green cleaning products.

This is fully up to you. Tipping cannot be added on when you are paying for your booking. You can tip your cleaner directly only if you wish and please make sure you leave a note indicating the tip is for the cleaner, because otherwise our cleaners will not touch any money in the house.

We clean offices on a request basis. Please email us to discuss any requests at

You can review more information regarding commercial cleaning here.

Your payment would be pre-authorized when you request a booking. The payment will be held until the cleaning is completed successfully. Once cleaning is complete, the payment would be sent directly to your cleaner. Your payment information will be protected securely via a third security company and no one from Home Spritz would have access to the personal information.

Our cleaners will not clean any biological hazard that poses threats to cleaner’s health and safety. Biological hazard would include human and animal feces, blood, body fluids, medical waste (e.g. medical needles), mold, and etc.

We do not clean infestations that could pose a health risk (ex mice feces or cockroach infestations). At our discretion cleaners will leave and you would be charged the full cost of the cleaning.
Please contact specialized cleaning companies for your request if your cleaning includes handling biological hazard.

Move in/out cleaning includes baseboards cleaning, oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, window & blinds cleaning on top of our general cleaning. Please note that move in/out cleaning would take 1.5 -2x of cleaning time compared to the general cleaning, so please consider this when you decide on your booking hours. Wall washing is not included, but you can add the option in the “extra cleaning” section if you wish to include wall washing/cleaning. Please also allow extra time if you add the wall cleaning option.

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