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Moving can be exhausting with so much to worry about including changing addresses, updating driver’s license and car registration, arranging dates, moving trucks/company, children’s school, etc. One of the big stress during the moving time is a move in/out cleaning. Home Spritz offers move in/out cleaning to ease your concerns.



Deep Cleaning and Move Out/In Cleaning Include:

  • Vacuuming and mopping
  • Dusting all vents on floors
  • Dusting all surfaces including furniture, banisters and railings
  • Cleaning kitchen area including sinks and countertops
  • Oven cleaning interior and exterior
  • Fridge cleaning interior and exterior
  • Microwave cleaning interior and exterior
  • Shine all surfaces of the appliances
  • Clean/wipe inside and outside of cupboards/cabinets in the kitchen
  • Cleaning bathroom area including sinks, counters, toilets, and shower/tub
  • Shine all faucets and handles – interior window cleaning (excluding window screens)
  • Window blinds cleaning
  • Cleaning baseboards
  • Spot wall washing for areas that need attention


Home Spritz offers professional cleaners to help your moving process. We guarantee 100% satisfaction through our cleaners who are experts in move in/out cleaning services. Home Spritz cleaners have years of experience, have completed training. Our professional cleaners will take care of your new and old places top to bottom.

Through our hiring process, all our cleaners are screened for their cleaning experiences and police background checks. All of them also undergo trainings to ensure high quality cleaning for you.

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Are you moving into a new place? Is your lease up? Are you looking for a new tenant to move in? did you just buy a new house? Well, it is time to get a good cleaning done. We know you are managing a million different things during moving. Let us help and take your burden off. Home Spritz will take care of your move in/out cleaning, so you can move into your sparkling new place, leave your house clean with good memories, or welcome new tenants.


Are you moving into a new place, either your own house or a rental property? Then, it is time to have a professional cleaning done to ensure you can move into a spotless place. When you are moving into a house or an apartment where the previous owners/renters just moved out, it is highly important to clean your house professionally to make sure all the built-up grease, dust, and germs are cleaned out before you move in with your family. Home Spritz professional cleaners can help to make your house move in ready. It is always good to see you fully enjoy your new place with your family.

Are you moving into a newly built house? It is also essential to professionally clean your house before you move in to remove all the construction dusts. Most of the builders have cleaners come in at the end of the construction, but the cleaning is brief, and it focuses mostly on the duct cleaning. New houses are usually covered with fine construction dusts through cutting tiles, moving and cutting flooring materials, cupboards, etc. Usually you can feel the fine dust on your hand if you run your hand on your wall, baseboards, door frames, or any other open surfaces. It is very important to wipe off these fine dusts before you move in as it is directly connected to the health issues of yourself and your family.

Keeping it Clean

We provide cleaning services in:

When Do You Need Move-Out Cleaning Services?

Is your lease up and moving out of the place you have been renting? It is important to leave your house sparkling clean and tidy to ensure to receive your damage deposit back. Are you a landlord who are trying to clean up the mess from the previous tenants and trying to get a new tenant for your rental properties? A clean house already gives a good impression and will make your house appealing to those looking to rent. Are you a house owner and trying to sell your house? Staging is a big step of selling your house and having a bright clean house will add a significant advantage in your selling process.

What Is Included in Moving Cleaning Service?

Home Spritz move in/out cleaning services cover a wide range of thorough cleaning before you move in/out including a thorough vacuuming, mopping, and dusting. Move in/out cleaning also includes baseboards cleaning, oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, window & blinds cleaning on top of our general cleaning. Please note that move in/out cleaning would take 1.5 x of cleaning time compared to the general cleaning. Please consider this when you decide on your booking hours. Home Spritz move in/out cleaning services does not include wall washing, but you can add the option in the “extra cleaning” section for $20 if you wish to include wall washing/cleaning. Please also allow extra time if you add the wall cleaning option. Home Spritz professional cleaners will help to shine each area of your house with special care.

The kitchen is where many people spend most of their time and it is about your family’s health. Home Spritz cleaners will help to remove any built-up dirt, dust, and grease in your kitchen area including sink, countertops, and your stove top to shine your kitchen. Wiping cupboards covers and handles would be another important step before you move in/out.

The bathroom is another area you want sparkling clean before your use or before you move out. Don’t worry about scrubbing the tubs and the sinks on your moving day and let us take care of it. Our cleaners will remove any built-up grease or mess around sinks, toilet, shower, and the bathtubs.

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