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Home Spritz is a one-stop shop for your professional house cleaning services that you can depend on. We are available 24 hours to book and have cleaners available and most hours of the day to meet your schedule and needs. We focus on ensuring you have 1 great cleaner every time to manage your house and form a healthy relationship that meets your expectations. We know that communication is key and being able to message your cleaner with a, ‘Can you focus on the bathroom?’ solves 99% of cleaner-customer issues. We value this to and ensure you have that communication for your house cleaning service. Our cleaners are bright, and this helps keep your house bright as well.

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Responsible House Cleaning – Living Wage

Home Spritz offers responsible house cleaning with our living wage pledge. We followed AirBnB’s social responsible service offering to ensure that not only do we offer a competitive price for our customers, but we also want to ensure the community is thriving with us.

Our cleaners earn at minimum a living wage for their city. In Calgary, the minimum living wage is $22/hour and in Edmonton the minimum living wage is $21/hour. Learn more about a living wage and why it is important here.

house cleaning services

Our Home Cleaning Services

A standard house cleaning includes vacuuming and mopping floors, general dusting for all the surfaces, making beds (linen changes if requested), cleaning and sanitizing kitchen countertops, emptying garbage, cleaning bathroom (tub, shower, sink, and toilet). Our cleaners have been interviewed, tested, and trained to meet your household cleaning needs.

Our Professional House Cleaning Services

We offer a home cleaning service that feels professional, because it is. Our cleaners work from the top to bottom to make sure that your house is as clean as possible. Working from top to bottom lets gravity do the work and the vacuum and mop to get them at the end. This is one of the most important skills a professional house cleaning service needs to offer.

Cleaning Products

Our cleaners will either use a product you recommend or the cleaning products you are already comfortable having in your house. Using the right products on the correct surfaces is taught to all our cleaners and all our cleaners are experienced and have undergone training.

Spring Cleaning

The most important times to clean are in the spring after windows haven’t been open for months. Dust builds up and things haven’t been moved enough. A good cleaning in spring can really do wonders for the air quality and happiness in a household.

Post Construction

Post construction is a the dustiest and most important for family health. No matter where the construction was, dust travels through the vents, doors windows and requires a good scrub. Get the walls, baseboards, window sills and sometimes you should dust the ceiling as well.

Residential Cleaning Services

Home Spritz focuses on the residential cleaning market for home cleanings services. We like taking care of homes, your home. Our cleaner pride themselves on the work and are chosen from hundreds of applicants, but only a select few are chosen. The chosen cleaners are diligent, experienced, and hardworking. They know homes, houses, apartments, and condos in and out and are great at cleaning.

Condo Cleaning Services

Whatever your needs, smaller spaces like condo’s need proper residential cleaning. From changes in renters, to AirBnBs, to moving in or out, having a proper cleaner who knows areas that accumulate dust, grease and grim is important. Our cleaners know this and can help you clean this up for you. Condo cleanings are easy and straight forward. We see cleaning times varying from 2-4 hours in spaces with 500 to 1000 square feet.

Apartment Cleaning Services

We offer satisfaction guarantees to make sure you are happy with your cleaner and ensure it is high quality. Whether you are booking for moving in, or moving out, spring cleaning, deep cleaning, or looking for a top to bottom cleaning we can help. Our cleaners have amazing ratings and are always happy to go the extra mile to ensure your cleaning is beyond your expectations.
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