Bringing Happiness into your House

Your Family Deserves Personalized Cleaning Services

A Modern Cleaning Experience

  • The Same Cleaner Every Cleaning
  • Communicate Directly with your Cleaner
  • Book in 3 Minutes
  • Book Online
  • Top 2% of Cleaners
  • Living Wage
  • Cleaning Checklists
  • $40-42/hour

Personalized House Cleaning

Every family is different, and every house is different. Home Spritz knows that a normal generic cleaning list won’t meet your needs. We allow our cleaners the ability to communicate directly with you to find out the needs for your house. Every Home Spritz cleaning is personalized cleaning services that will make your family happy. You can keep the same cleaner so they get to know your family, pets, and home. Your dog or cat will love them!

Start with the basics. A Home Spritz basic cleaning includes vacuuming and mopping floors, general dusting for all the surfaces, making beds (linen changes if requested), cleaning and sanitizing kitchen countertops, emptying garbage, cleaning bathroom (tub, shower, sink, and toilet). Please add extra cleaning and let me know if there are any specific requests needed.

We don’t think you should stop here. Communication with your cleaner is key. Ask and request what you want done first, and what can wait.

Customer Service

Our cleaners are our first line of customer service. Working directly with you to ensure your house is cleaned the way you want. Although our cleaners know how to do a great general cleaning, to really shine they need your input to make sure they get the areas that are most important to you.

High Quality Cleaning

Our cleaners are chosen based on experience and skills. We ensure only the best cleaners make it into the choices you see.

We always recommend a deep cleaning to start for your first cleaning and possibly add-on extra time. The second cleaning can be reduced in total hours. These are recommendations from our cleaners. They know that a first cleaning is important as it helps improve the overall ease of the second cleaning.

More importantly, Home Spritz home cleaning is always a personalized cleaning service that helps to make your home feel clean, tidy and happy to lounge and relax in.

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