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Household Cleaning Services

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Household Cleaning Services

There are many areas of you home that all need special treatment to be cleaned to your satisfaction. Home Spritz can deliver in all areas of your house and support your needs in these areas. From floor to ceiling we have you covered. Our household cleaning services make sure that when you come home after, every area is as if it was new. We take bookings 24 hours a day and our cleaners work directly with you on the areas to focus on. Cleaners can focus more time when you direct them to the areas that matter and a great household cleaning starts with you. When you let a home cleaner know your priorities, they can meet them. If you focus is dust, let them know before they arrive so they can plan the best way to clean your house and bring the right supplies if your ask is specific.

Floor Cleaning

When you come home after a hard day and kick off your shoes and walk around in your house, it is the easiest to notice when floors have dust, crumbs, or are slightly sticky from life. Home Spritz realizes your floor needs to be addressed in your household cleaning and will ensure the floors are vacuumed and mopped with the correct liquids for that floor type. Although the floor cleaning typically happens after all other areas are cleaned, due to the top to bottom approach (top to bottom as dust and crumbs settle on the floor). Home Spritz works to make your floors shine.

Bathroom Cleaning

We find one of the main area that home owners really like to see cleaned well is the bathroom. A bathroom is used frequently by many people. As an area with high traffic it is a key area for a proper house cleaning. We focus on the floors, toilet, sink, water marks and build up, and overall dusting. Our cleaners try to find the areas that contribute the most to visible dirt, but also the spots that aren’t seen to ensure they remain clean and no mould or build up happens over time. Household cleaning in the bathroom is a clear indicator of how clean the entire house will be.

Kitchen Cleaning

These days the kitchen is the hub of the household and the cleaning should represent that. A good household kitchen cleaning will work wonders on how your guests feel when they arrive.

Sink Cleaning

Did you know that one of the dirtiest places in your house is the kitchen sink? This is mostly due to high sugar food being deposited into this area. Our cleaners work to ensure that bacteria is removed in an eco-friendly manner either with their cleaning products or those you recommend.

Counter-Top Cleaning

Counter tops in the kitchen vary in size and material they are made from. In order to have a cleaning that protects and cleans your kitchen properly it is important to know what your countertops are made from. Different materials need different cleaning products. If a granite countertop is cleaned with an acid it will become etched. As many granites, look like laminate or quartz, communication is key to ensure your cleaner knows what they can and cannot use to protect your countertops.

Bedroom Cleaning

Although we spend most of our life in the bedroom…sleeping. It usually isn’t one of the most important places to clean. Bedrooms tend to be dust magnets from clothing fibres and dead skin. Our cleaners focus on a thorough cleaning of the counter-tops and a heavy duty vacuuming to pick up this dust. We also do recommend adding in a blind cleaning or a deep clean to get floor boards. Walls should be done every couple years as paint does slowly break down as well.

Living Room and Dining Room Cleaning

The places people feel to most worried about the appearance of the house is the dining room and living room. Especially for holidays, parties, and get togethers. We know this and ensure our cleaners do as well. Focusing on the tables, chairs, floors and counter tops is a priority to ensure people are comfortable focusing on you, not your household. Find a quality household cleaning with Home Spritz and our amazing cleaners.
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