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Home Spritz Lethbridge house cleaners are excited to bring the happy back into your home. We offer a unique approach to booking a home cleaning. Our customers can choose their preferred cleaner and price on our website. Home Spritz offers a variety of cleaners, all extremely committed to providing the best cleaning services in Lethbridge. We are excited to bring the happy into your home with our cleaning services.

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Lethbridge Personalized Cleaning Services 

Home Spritz offers personalized cleaning services to home owners all across Lethbridge to help support and maintain the properties, while guests stream in and out.Clean houses can be maintained and we can support keeping them that way with a bi-weekly cleaning.

AirbBnB cleaning services require a clean house everytime. Airbnb owners will maintain a perfect 5-star rating for cleanliness every time there is a new booking. We provide personalized commercial cleaning services to Lethbridge businesses. We understand the frustrations of having to repeat cleaning instructions to new cleaners every time you need a cleaning service. Home Spritz is prepared to provide you with a simple solution that will save you lots of time and energy. When booking these personalized cleaning services with Home Spritz, you have the option to book with a consistent cleaner who is familiar with your property/work space. Your cleaner will continuously customize their cleaning strategies based on your preferences. You will have full access to communicate with your cleaner and provide them with updated cleaning requests. We don’t stop there… we also offer move in/out cleaning services! Home Spritz values all of our customers and will personalize your house cleaning experience to every unique request. Lethbridge house cleaners are ready and willing to clean your house.


Cleaning Service Prices

Home Spritz cleaners set their own price, depending on their experience and expertise. When booking a cleaning, you are able to choose the cleaner that you see best fit, along with the price that matches your budget. We believe in providing both cleaners and customers the flexibility to choose their own prices based on the value of the cleaning service. You can expect your cleaning to consist of vacuuming in main rooms and tough-to-get spots, mopping floors, dusting in all areas, and scrubbing and wiping all areas of your bathroom. We also offer oven cleaning, wall washing, laundry, move in/out, deep clean, window glass and blinds cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, and watering plants at additional costs. Home Spritz is committed to providing cleaning services at prices that are affordable for customers, and livable for cleaners.

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