What do house cleaners clean?

What do House Cleaners Clean?

We all know that deep cleans should be done in the spring and fall, but those aren’t the only times of year your home can be at its best. Unwanted dirt and grime can build up in surprising places. So what do house cleaners clean?


Have you ever looked under your toaster and wondered if house hippos were secretly visiting your home at night? It can be difficult to keep on top of an appliance we use every day, however those crumbs can develop pathogens that you don’t want in your kitchen. Wiping down your counters is incredibly important to keeping a safe and healthy kitchen.  What do house cleaners clean in the kitchen?

Your cabinet doors might look okay, but try running a cloth over them and you’ll be shocked to find the amount of dust and food splatter that’s accumulated over the past few weeks…or months! A professional cleaning service can make your cabinets shine again, especially in those hard-to-reach places like the cupboard over the sink or the often-neglected drawers by the floor. 


What do house cleaners clean in bathrooms? Bathrooms need a deep clean about once a week, though in a city with very hard water your sink, mirror, and tile can quickly develop in a matter of days. Keeping on top of the counters with a non-abrasive cleaner can keep those bathrooms looking guest ready.

Has your shower started to look old and dingy compared to when you first moved into your house? Forgetting to clean the grout is usually the cuprite. Those grooves in your tiles can be difficult to clean and require expert care. Using too hard of scrubbers and harsh chemicals can damage the tiling over time, creating mold and mildew. Calcium buildup can further exacerbate the problem, to the point that your tiling might need expensive repairs. And you thought leaving used up toilet paper rolls lying around was bad!

Light fixtures:

Lightbulbs may be changed out as needed, but this doesn’t mean light fixtures don’t need to be dusted. Dusting your fixtures from time to time not only wonderfully illuminate your home; it saves you money over time. Regular cleaning helps to extend the lifespan of your lightbulbs and helps keep your home energy efficient. Cleaning light fixtures can be a tricky task that needs time to be done safely and should be done around once a week, with a deep clean done around twice a year. 

Light switches, door handles, and knobs:

This is a place in the home that everyone touches yet is often forgotten in room-to-room cleaning. Wiping them down often can help prevent you and your family from getting sick, and as an added bonus they’ll look brand new! House cleaners clean these areas really well.


When’s the last time you washed your walls? Never? Having your walls washed keeps paint looking fresh and reduces allergens in your home. Preventative maintenance saves time, but washing all of the walls in your home can seem like a daunting task. Different paint finishes and latex paint all have different needs and scrubbing with too much force might cause scratches. If you have kids and pets you’ll know those scuffs and marks all too well. Fortunately, Home Spritz offers wall cleaning and will match you with an expert who can keep your walls safe. 

What do house cleaners clean? Need a professional clean? Home Spritz can help you by connecting you with experienced experts in your area. Book today! 

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